Who We Are

Our Vision

MCS will be your trusted IT partner. We believe that real trust has become a scarce resource in our era. Whether we are recommending a solution, writing code, or working on an emergency, our customers will be treated the same as we would want to be treated. Our creative approach is different and when an organization partners with MCS they will realize the we are different and we are the best.

Our History

After years of IT consulting on the side our founder and CEO, Jesse Coultas, decided to dive head first into the world of entrepreneurship. In April of 2003, Microchip Computer Solutions, Inc. was officially incorporated in the state of Illinois. Jesse used his existing consulting contacts to spread word of mouth that MCS was in business full time and was ready to grow.

After our first year, MCS was just starting to find a niche. We found success working with small businesses and K-12 markets. We found that K-12 school districts across Illinois had a need for lots of computers and MCS provided bids for computer roll-outs. Our strategy was to deliver the lowest cost for hardware to win bids and then leverage our technical expertise to also provide service to help install the new PCs efficiently.

The world of IT was starting to shift from on-premise servers to the cloud. MCS was paying 3rd party companies for space on a web server to host sites and applications for our customers. When an outage occurred, we had no control over when service would be restored. We know we could do things better ourselves and started our own data center. We bonded T1 lines together and secured our IP block. We bought our own servers and configured them to fit our needs. Once we had a foundation for hosting websites and e-mail we started branching out to host more services for our customers.

After leasing office space for 5 years, MCS moves to a more permanent office building. We moved to our office building and further build out our data center infrastructure. Our new space allowed the company to grow and offer even more services to our customers.

MCS began to shift focus away from IT hardware procurement to being primarily service based. Our company has always been made up of IT professionals with a passion for all things technology. Instead of focusing on commodity bids, MCS shifted to provide the thing that made us the most unique. That was our excellent service through consulting

MCS is named as a featured reseller for North America for Nagios Products. Looking for a robust data center monitoring tool for our own use, MCS started using and recommending Nagios XI. Since then, MCS has become a major player in the monitoring space, not only providing Nagios licensing, but consulting for Nagios projects for companies all over North America.

Any company has to change over the years to stay competitive and MCS is no different. We are constantly looking at emerging technologies and coming up with new and innovative solutions for our customers. We opened our first remote office branch in Chicago, IL in 2018 and look forward to expanding our organization.

Management Team

Jesse Coultas
Chief Executive Officer
Ryan Coultas
Chief Operating Officer
Nick Overstreet
Director of IT Services

Who We Work With

MCS is business focused and does not work with residential or consumer customers. By specializing in the business to business model, we are able to provide service focused on the always-on demands of organizations large and small.


Small businesses make up 99.7 percent of U.S. employer firms according to the SBA. These businesses still want the competitive advantages technology grants for the big guys, but at a price point scaled to fit. We work with organizations including Associations, Banks, Non-Profits, Auto Dealers, Lawyers, Manufacturers, Engineering Firms, and more so we have a good idea of what technology works and what doesn’t. We can offer a unique perspective from our experience with many organizations to build a better solution that works time and time again.


We continue to provide Web Application Development and IT consulting services to companies you may rely on every day. MCS understands how to work with existing IT staff across many departments to get a project done right the first time. Corporations have relied on the insights from our experts almost from the beginning.

Most of the Nagios consulting we perform is with enterprise customers. They have big data centers to manage and Nagios XI is the key to monitoring their critical systems and services.


Some of our first customers were K12 School Districts and MCS continues to work in this segment. We know what matters to District Technology Coordinators and how to recommend an Information Technology solution that works for them. Projects include Mobile Laptop Carts, Tablets, Computer Roll-outs, as well as Server Setup and Network Design. We also have long standing relationships with top hardware distributors to provide competitive technology purchase proposals.

Fed, State, & Local Gov

With our headquarters being in Springfield, the Illinois state capital, we have bid and won several State of Illinois projects ranging from simple hardware purchases, to Web Design and Web Application Development. We work with local governments in the surrounding communities of Springfield as well. Their needs are similar to that of a small business but with the added need for public information sharing.

Our work with the Federal government is mainly due to the specialization MCS has with the full suite of Nagios products. We provide licensing and implementation consulting and are registered to do business with the Department of Defense.