We Do Our Own Work

We Do Our Own Work

Throughout the 10+ years of our company, all of our IT and Programming projects have been completed in-house without the need to offshore work overseas. While we are proud of being able to keep our development local, that is not the only reason for our constant decision to keep our workload here in Springfield, IL. While an overseas per hour rate can be attractive, the lack of control and quality of work performed by an offshore company are just not worth the lower rates. Our clients demand that their work be accurate and delivered on time. Since our clients work directly with a project manager and that same manager leads a team of developers under the same roof, there is much less room for a spec to become diluted.

Only industry professionals are employed with MCS, and while that can mean a higher per hour rate, it can also mean less hours overall. What good is an hourly rate that is half the cost if it takes twice as long to complete a project? We plan to keep delivering quality work from local employees for years to come. Our clients expect the best and MCS delivers the best. A decision to use MCS for your next project will ensure that your dollars stay local and your project will be completed accurately.

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