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Need to get a head start on your project?  Our implementation engineers will install Nagios and work with your team to setup the foundation needed for a successful Nagios implementation.


We will work with your team to implement monitoring of devices on your Nagios server.  Our team can fully perform the implementation or embed with your team.  Our level of involvement is completely customized to your organization’s needs.


Our team will completely implement and maintain your monitoring solution.  We provide your IT team with access and alerts, but all ongoing monitoring maintenance tasks are taken care of by the Nagios experts at MCS.

4 Benefits of Using A Professional Nagios Consultant

If you want to look at the big picture and save valuable money, consider getting in touch with a professional who knows what they are doing.

Your organization needs to ensure it is following the best practices when setting up network monitoring to make software maintenance as efficient as possible.

A professional Nagios consultant will provide training to your staff, ensuring they are well-equipped to deal with issues.

Setting up Nagios IX can be a fairly complicated task, and hiring a Nagios consultant is always a good idea to ensure it is done right.

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We offer free quotes based on a Statement of Work we can discover together. We assist with projects lasting from a week to several months depending on your needs.

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Past Consulting Projects

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing

Sector: Manufacturing

MCS worked with Hyundai engineers to migrate Nagios Core systems. Multiple Core systems were migrated in to a single XI instance. Custom plugins were created and customized. The final service count was over 9,000.

GFS (Gordon Food Service)

Sector: Foods Distribution and Retail

Nagios XI implemented from the ground up to replace an aging in-house monitoring solution. Worked closely with GFS IT to implement sample checks by converting in-house scripts to work with the client software. Included SUSE Enterprise Linux, HP UX, and AIX systems.


Sector: Technology

MCS worked with a division of IBM to implement XI across several of their data centers across the globe. This project monitored over 3000 nodes including many custom checks. After our work was completed, MCS trained an IBM internal IT team and successfully handed off day to day maintenance.

Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC

Sector: Financial

Nagios XI instances installed and brought together under a single view using Fusion. Custom service checks included, log-file monitoring with Windows and Linux, SNMP/MIB from various devices, URL monitoring, and Oracle health monitoring. Project scope included displacing older and more expensive tools including HP OpenView, HP SiteScope, and Network Node Manager.


Sector: Retail Home Improvement

Assisted with large migration project to move away from an existing older monitoring system with exorbitant licensing fees. MCS played a specialized role in this project to assist with high level planning and architecture with their internal team. MCS worked hands on in the following areas. Installed Nagios XI servers with Fusion to meet best practices. Created criteria to evaluate performance of XI during periods of high utilization. High security service checks were implemented through SSH tunnels. MCS developed a custom plugin to integrate with Selenium for monitoring synthetic web transactions. Created a user customizable dashlet for Fusion to view hostgroups across multiple XI servers in a single box.

Plainfield School District

Sector: Public Education

Nagios XI implemented as a conversion from the Core product. Included custom checks that had to be moved over from the Core system. System has over 1000 hosts in it with multiple services per host.

Green Family Automotive

Sector: Automotive Dealer Group

Fully managed solution hosted with MCS. Our team uses XI to keep track of multiple connected auto dealerships and proactively responds to any issues. With XI at our side, we know about issues before users do.

Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.

Sector: Manufacturing

Full Nagios XI and Log Server implementation. Log server collects data from network devices and triggers alerts based on custom criteria. Complete training included.

Rimini Street

Sector: Technology

Implemented XI on behalf of Rimini Street for several of their customers across the globe. MCS led the project from inception and trained Rimini Staff to implement Nagios.

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