Move to Windows 10 on Your Terms

Move to Windows 10 on Your Terms

It’s been almost a year since Windows 10 was released and we are just now starting to see it creep into the business environment. The primary issue with the upgrade has not been compatibility or user experience like most IT professionals would have thought. Rather, the issue is being able to decide when to upgrade. Through Windows updates, Microsoft has made the upgrade to Windows 10 less of a straightforward choice and, on some PCs, the upgrade to 10 is automatic unless the user specifically removes the upgrade from the schedule. This has led IT administrators to push out group policy and other update rules to block these sneaky tricks.

There are still reasons for companies to wait and stick with Windows 7 for a few more years. However, most companies with a vanilla environment can go ahead and plan and execute the upgrade sooner than later. As of this article, the deadline for the free upgrade from Windows 7 is still July 29, 2016. Internally here at MCS we are about 50/50 Windows 7 to Windows 10. The issues we have seen have been pretty minor including putting an ad for candy crush on our Start Menu, having to write a new set of group policy rules to disable Cortana and tracking features, and general compatibility with legacy peripherals like printers. That, and the time wasted waiting for the almost hour long upgrade to finish is not a great process. For most small to medium businesses, MCS now recommends the upgrade to Windows 10. It’s still free for now and Windows 10 will have mainstream support for years to come. Right now, there is no technical reason to rush and upgrade but doing so sooner will save an upgrade fee down the road.

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