Lowering costs with consulting services.

Lowering costs with consulting services.

MCS has been saving companies money for years. Now that we are offering IT cost consulting, efficiency is a major priority. For the most part, companies come to us with a specific need and we come up with a solution that works well and often saves a lot of money. This process will never go away for us, but it is very reactive as opposed to proactive. Because of some trigger like a client need or internal project, a company will work with us to implement an IT project. In the end, they walk away with a better product that often pays for itself with reduced costs or increased efficiency, and that’s great.

However, we thought, why would a company only want to save money when they are doing something new? Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have someone take a look at the big picture and find several ways to save money on their IT? Information technology can account for a very substantial chunk of a company’s overall budget so getting the most out is it for the best price is well worth the investment.

Now, MCS is offering IT cost efficiency consulting. Basically, that means that we will look at your IT costs and figure out how to get the same results with different, less expensive technologies. While working with companies large and small we have seen an unsettling trend. There are too many IT product and service providers that rob their clients blind just because they can sell them on something. After the fact, clients many even realize they are overpaying for services but stay with it because of time and resources involved with switching to a better solution. We can help with that process.

Our consulting services cover almost every aspect of IT though. We analyze phones, Internet, computers, servers, IT services, hosting, software, copiers, toner and more. There are a lot of companies in IT that think up new ways to charge for services that are cheaper or even free else ware.

Please check out our consulting page for more information on this service.

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