IT Services

Ongoing IT consulting services designed around your organization’s specific needs.

Guaranteed response time with MCS in the drivers seat.

Affordable, reliable, and high-quality phone solutions installed and supported by your team at MCS.

Quality Internet and phone service from providers you know with MCS at your side.

Professional data recovery services for when the unexpected happens and your data is no longer available.

IT Services

Unlike our competitors, we use in-house staff to serve our clients. This means you get access to a tech team that knows you and is familiar with your network. IT Service Agreement customers also get first priority to ensure prompt service usually within one hour.

  • LAN/WAN Networking (VLANs, Routing, Security)

  • Linux Setup and Configuration (CentOS, Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu)

  • Microsoft Active Directory / Group Policy

  • Secure Remote Access and 2 factor authentication (MFA)

  • Wireless Networking (Scalable to cover even large buildings and campuses)

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

  • Firewall/Network Configuration and Testing

  • Network Storage (NAS, SAN, or Cloud)

  • IP Phone Systems or PBX (Polycom, Digium, Asterisk)

IT Guy Standing by Server Rack

Featured Team Members

Paul Ainscough
IT Systems Engineer
Nick Overstreet
Director of IT Services


  • Assigned primary engineer familiar with your systems.

  • Priority service in less than 4 hours.

  • Customized to your organizations specific needs

  • Access to the MCS helpdesk

  • Team of engineers to tackle the hard problems

  • Automated monitoring included

  • Daily, Weekly, or Monthly service plans available

RightTrack customers get priority service in less than 4 hours.

VoIP Phone Systems

Polycom Authorized Solution Advisor

As a Polycom Authorized Solution Advisor we have extensive experience recommending, installing, and supporting Polycom solutions.  Polycom’s experience of more than 2 decades shows with dependable equipment for business use.

  • Affordable

  • Powerful

  • Easily Operated


  • Email integration of voicemail for each user

  • Caller ID

  • Auto-attendant with user extensions

  • Compatible with traditional lines, PRI, and SIP trunks

  • Call recording

  • Easy administration via a web interface

  • Multi party conferencing

  • “Follow me” user locator (automatically tries cell when out of office)

  • Ability to expand without paying for extra equipment (just add phones)

Polycom VVX Series - Color is now an affordable option.

Internet and Phone Service

  • Consultative approach to managing your telecommunication needs.

  • Multiple carrier options to give you the best solution at the best price.

  • Our years of experience allow us to develop creative and cost effective solutions to your telecommunication needs.

  • Make an informed decision without the bias of dealing directly with a telecommunications company.

  • No extra fees for working with a us!

  • We are your local advocate in your corner who can assist with technical, billing, or quality issues.

  • Using our hands on knowledge, MCS engineers solutions that make sense to back up what we recommend.

  • MCS can help find the right solution for the right price.

The most efficient way to deliver pure data service. Ethernet solutions generally offer higher speeds and can scale up with your needs. Multiple connection options exist depending on the carrier. Typically speeds are guaranteed and upload and download speeds are synchronous. Fiber generally has shorter call to repair times than other services.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching provides a private and secure connection between different multiple sites in your organization. This technology is new largely being replaced by SD-WAN.

1.5Mbps synchronous connection that can provide private line or internet service using existing copper lines. Speed is slow and costly but offer enterprise level service agreements and security features.

45Mbps synchronous connection similar to a T1 line in its capabilities other than speed. This connection typically requires additional build-out services and has mostly been replaced by Fiber.

Internet service delivered via a copper coax line. Speeds typically have slower upload rates and might have data caps. This connection usually provides the most speed on a tight budget and when the customer does not require guaranteed access to bandwidth or an SLA.  Depending on the provider, some cable connections can offer advanced services such as point-to-point or MPLS.

Digital Subscriber Line broadband Internet service delivered via a phone line. Speeds are typically slower and well suited for small business or as a backup Internet source. Depending on the provider, some DSL connections can offer advanced services such as MPLS.

Voice service delivered over a data network using IP. SIP trunks can be delivered through the Internet or from a private line from a telecommunications company. Advanced features, such as DID (direct inward dialing) are typically available. Internet delivered SIP can’t guarantee voice quality while SIP delivered over a private line will be prioritized to ensure high voice quality and reliable service.

Primary Rate Interface provides digital delivery of up to 23 voice channels and allows the use of DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing).

Plain Old Telephone Service are traditional phone service that uses analog phone lines delivered one line per copper pair. This technology is older than dirt and should be avoided where possible.

Software-defined Wide Area Networks are the latest in redundant connections. While many ISPs offer this service as a managed offering, customers can also become carrier neutral with the help of MCS. Organizations with multiple locations can now add multiple Internet connections based on price and availability. SD-WAN technology takes care of linking the sites redundantly.

Data Recovery Service

MCS can provide professional data recovery service for when the unexpected happens and your data is lost. MCS can help you bring back a data from many types of damage.

Supported devices include:

Hard Disks
Server Raid Arrays
Smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc.)
USB Drives
Tape Media

When disaster strikes there is still hope. MCS can help with all sorts of damage including, fire, flood, impact, circuit board failure, head crash, data corruption, etc. Even though some data might be damaged, odds are that most of it still remains intact. That data just needs to be found and pulled off. MCS offers clean room data recovery services for local customers in the Springfield, IL area. Just bring in your device and we will start our evaluation. Evaluation costs $99 plus shipping to the clean room facility. Once the evaluation is complete you will get a list of files that are able to be restored and another quote. Typically the cost for recovery is $700 – $3000 depending on the severity of the data loss and takes 5-8 business days. Expedited emergency service is available for an additional fee.

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