Current Employment Opportunities

Linux Support Engineer

Location: Springfield, IL or Chicago, IL
Full Time 40 hours/week, W2 Salary
Salary, Health, Dental, IRA Match, 4 Weeks PTO

• Candidate must be a US Citizen
• Bachelor degree or Certification in IT or related field preferred
• Must pass a federal drug screening and background check

The Company
MCS is a full-service IT consulting company headquartered in Springfield, IL with a branch office in Chicago, IL. We offer a wide range of IT services to our customers including IT augmentation, server/network management, security services, hosting, and much more. We also are in the unique position to have a niche in the monitoring world. We are a family-owned company operating in the IT space for over 20 years.

· Windows and Linux Server Administration.
· Networking: VLANS, ACLs, DNS, Routing, and Security. CLI Switch and Router configuration
· PHP and MySQL. Ability to look at already written code to find issues and write SQL queries to run down problems with code written from our Dev team. This is not a dev role but a support role to track down issues in production and staging that were not caught by QA.
· Virtualization, VMware and Hyper-V
· Strong communication skills while working directly with customers and clearly communicating expectations and deliverables

Job Description
Support for our Dev team in finding and fixing one off and rare issues that have made it to production and past QA. We have a QA process already in place but sometimes there are minor that only show up in production and not our staging environment. We will train you on the code base so that you are familiar and comfortable with the system before expecting any work to be completed. Types of tasks include using and building tools to find and fix SQL records, writing bash scripts, and looking at some PHP code.

Nagios Monitoring Engineer

Position Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Location: Springfield, IL, Chicago, IL, or Remote Worker

Employment Type: Project Based, Contract

– Experience deploying and customizing Nagios XI for the Enterprise
– Experience with Nagios Log Server and Nagios Network Analyzer
– 3+ years of professional work experience
– Experience monitoring Windows Servers, VMware, and Networking devices
– Experience with add-ons (Mod-Gearman, NCPA, NS-Client, etc.)
– SNMP version v2 and v3
– Excellent communication skills to interact directly with customers professionally
– Coding experience is a plus (PHP)
– Bachelor’s degree
– Linux (CentOS 6-8)

Typical Work

MCS is a featured partner for Nagios products and works with organizations all over the US from Fortune 50 companies to smaller organizations. Typical projects would be installing Nagios according to best practices, adding servers, networking equipment, synthetic web transactions, databases, and any other monitor to Nagios XI.


Nearly all projects will involve some form of training and hand-off sessions with customer’s IT staff. Custom documentation and training collateral will need to be created. Our goal is to leave our customers with all of the tools and knowledge they need to successfully take over day to day operations of their monitoring software.

Nagios Full Suite

While Nagios XI is the most popular product we sell and deploy, we also use and deploy Nagios Log Server and Network Analyzer.

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