Business Connections 2010

Look for MCS at Business Connections 2010, April 13th at the PCCC. We will be in booth 301. This is always a great show and gives us the perfect chance to talk with people about the wide range of services we offer. Check out their site for more information:

Business Connections 2010

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Joining social media

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn now reflect MCS.  We have joined these social media sites to better keep our clients informed about the latest news and announcements form our company. MCS hopes to also spark discussion about technology resources and best practices. Please feel free to connect with us via the newly added links at the top right of every page of our site. With all of the different technologies we work with, our clients often don’t really know how much we are able to offer them. Expect tweets about what MCS is working on, new technologies used and updates about how to get the most from your IT investment.

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Java / J2EE Job Opening

We have a new job opening available on our employment page. MCS is looking for a J2EE / Java Programmer. Please visit our employmentpage for more information or to submit your resume.

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Lowering costs with consulting services.

MCS has been saving companies money for years. Now that we are offering IT cost consulting, efficiency is a major priority. For the most part, companies come to us with a specific need and we come up with a solution that works well and often saves a lot of money. This process will never go away for us, but it is very reactive as opposed to proactive. Because of some trigger like a client need or internal project, a company will work with us to implement an IT project. In the end, they walk away with a better product that often pays for itself with reduced costs or increased efficiency, and that’s great.

However, we thought, why would a company only want to save money when they are doing something new? Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have someone take a look at the big picture and find several ways to save money on their IT? Information technology can account for a very substantial chunk of a company’s overall budget so getting the most out is it for the best price is well worth the investment.

Now, MCS is offering IT cost efficiency consulting. Basically, that means that we will look at your IT costs and figure out how to get the same results with different, less expensive technologies. While working with companies large and small we have seen an unsettling trend. There are too many IT product and service providers that rob their clients blind just because they can sell them on something. After the fact, clients many even realize they are overpaying for services but stay with it because of time and resources involved with switching to a better solution. We can help with that process.

Our consulting services cover almost every aspect of IT though. We analyze phones, Internet, computers, servers, IT services, hosting, software, copiers, toner and more. There are a lot of companies in IT that think up new ways to charge for services that are cheaper or even free else ware.

Please check out our consulting page for more information on this service.

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Citrix Solution Provider

We now offer hosted Citrix solutions. Citrix rounds out our already wide array of hosted solutions. As a Citrix Solution Provider, MCS will be able to offer products like XenDesktop, XenApp, and XenServer. Citrix software allows us to offer hosted applications with greater speed, reliability, and features. This new software platform allows us tovirtualize and deliver a hosted application to any user, anywhere. Clients that need access to a single app from multiple locations will be able to work for efficiently than ever.

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August Newsletter

August Newsletter

We now offer reliable Internet through T1 and Fiber connections

Internet access is a vital service for business. We used to make the case that Internet service should be as reliable as a phone line. Now, with Voice-over-IP it has to be more reliable than ever. MCS can offer your business an Internet connection with dedicated bandwidth and rock solid stability. Benefits include:


  • Dedicated bandwidth to our data center
  • Reliable enough to depend on it for critical applications such as VoIP.
  • Our fiber multi-homed network increases speed and reliability
  • Your Internet connection is handled by a local company with one-on-one support
  • Connection speeds from 1.5 – 100 Mbps

Call us today for a quote!

Ryan Coultas
(217) 698-9900 x212

Windows 7 is just around the corner.

Before you know it, Microsoft will be shipping Windows 7 to the public. The “current” release date is October 22nd 2009. I like to think of Windows 7 as Windows Vista – part 2. 7 is obviously based from Vista but has several minor changes. For instance, Windows Calendar, Windows Mail, Windows Movie Maker, and Windows Photo Gallery, will not be included in Windows 7 but will be available as add-ons. On the upside though, the new OS will boot faster, recognize handwriting, and may actually run faster due to improved multi core processing.

The release candidate looks to be an improved version of Vista, and I for the most part like Vista. When Vista was released, it was buggy and not widely supported and that caused a major stigma that has not gone away. Windows 7 should be able to hit the ground running since it is based off the now established Vista. There are still many organizations that will only use XP, but I think around early 2010 that will go away.

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Our CEO accepts 40 under 40 award

On Tuesday, July 14th, 2009, at the Illinois State Library, Jesse Coultas accepted his 40 under 40 award given by the Springfield Business Journal. This award is meant to recognize business and community leaders in central Illinois.

Jesse was among those selected from a pool of 139. Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White, was the keynote speaker and presented the awards. More about the 40 under 40 awards below: (from the Springfield Business Journal website)

Forty Under 40

The Springfield Business Journal proudly features 40 leaders who are under the age of 40 in the Springfield and neighboring business communities. These individuals are selected based on their contributions to our local business community and the community in which they have chosen to reside. They represent, in part, the future of business in our community and in central Illinois. They have the ability and dedication to change and to preserve the face of our community landscape.

The selectees’ career paths, educational background and community affiliations are varied. They represent the best and brightest from a wide range of occupations. You can expect to hear more from and about these leaders in the years ahead. The program was established and is able to continue due to the commitment of local businesses that realize the importance of acknowledging these 40 individuals and supporting community business programs.

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June Newsletter

MCS Newsletter – Monday June 22, 2009

MCS offering one year of FREE web/email hosting

If you are currently hosting your web site with another company, MCS is offering one year free hosting if you switch to us. With our hosting service, you can depend on personal support, up to date servers, and great reliability. Our hosting package comeS with 15 email accounts and free tech support. We will even take care of moving you from you current host. All you need to do is say the word and we will take care of the work. There is no obligation to continue to host with us after your free year is up. You are getting the ultimate evaluation period!


  • Over 99.9% Uptime
  • Free tech support from web professionals
  • 15 Zimbra corporate email accounts with calendar sharing
  • 10GB disk space
  • 25GB transfer / month
  • Up to 3 MySQL databases
  • Just $249 / year after your free year
  • Offer good through 07/31/2009


Programming Services Better than Ever

Programming has always been a staple here at MCS. Over the past 6 years we have grown our programming services and we are able to handle almost any project out there. As much as possible, we try to program applications delivered through the web. This method has proved more cost efficient and expands user base.

Custom programming can be anything from a company database to a complete custom app engineered from the ground up. Even in this economy, demand has grown for this type of service and we have been expanding. Our new office building is getting good use, filling up with programmers fast. From the MCS staff, we would like to say thank you to our clients who have helped us grow so much!

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