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Using Duo MFA to Harden Security

Single factor authentication to business systems is no longer enough to protect company data access. We live in a world of ever evolving threats and data breaches that can leave your private data exposed to hackers. Duo MFA is the simple, secure answer.

A Password is Not Enough

A password as a form of identity verification has always been a poor tool for the job. Any person, or bot, can use a known password to gain access to a system not meant for them to access. With massive data breaches becoming the norm, there is a better chance than ever that an old password is know by bad actors. It all comes down to trust. A password is essentially anonymous. While complex passwords and regularly changing them is still important, you can add another line of defense in case a password has been compromised.

Duo MFA Adds Another Layer

Duo is a widely used multi factor authentication solution trusted by smart organizations that take security seriously. Everyone with an online bank account has had to verify their identity with an emailed or texted code at one point or another. Ever wondered why you have to do this for your bank and not for your work systems? Think about what an attacker would have access to if they were to access your work computer under your login. They would instantly have access to your files, saved web passwords, and if services are set to trust your computer, they have access to them as well. Traditionally, corporate networks have been behind the times when it comes to authentication.

Duo MFA provides an affordable solution to the problem of 2 factor compliance. Their authentication software can be automatically installed  on all company computers with ease. Once installed, users can be setup automatically, and enroll with Duo quickly. Then, they can pick push authentication on their smartphone, text, email, or even a phone call to verify they are who they say they are. These options can be set by the organization depending on need.

Pay as You Go

Organizations can purchase licenses directly from MCS and will be billed as little as $3 / user / month. There are no contracts either. Check with your insurance carrier for possible discounts offered by using Duo MFA. MCS has the experience to deploy Duo on your systems so only authorized employees can access your data.

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