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VEEAM Silver Cloud Service Provider

Veeam Silver Partner – Cloud & Service Provider

MCS is now a Silver level Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (CSP). We have been a Veeam partner for several years. In addition, we use their software and recommend it consistently to our customers. The Cloud & Service Provider program is designed for cloud providers like MCS. We offer Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) powered by the incredible features VEEAM can offer.

Backups vs Replication

Everyone knows backups are essential for any organization. Having data backups is great but using that data in a disaster is better. Also, replication is the key to a fast recovery when the worst happens. A VM that has been replicated is ready to go at a moment’s notice. In addition, a replicated server is easier to fail-back when the main site is back online. Getting up and running fast is the most important part of any DR plan.

Why Use Veeam and MCS?

Veeam is an outstanding company and their products keep getting better. Over the years, features and reliability keep improving. In addition, their support is the best in the industry. Using features like WAN Acceleration, Deduplication, and Virtual Labs, MCS can be sure data is ready when needed. We replicate data over long distances for even large servers. Plus, our data center stores your data securely and safely.  Using Veeam we can go way beyond just backups. Replicated servers can be ready to go in our data center within minutes. Space is available in our business continuation center. Using this space during a disaster can be the difference between success and failure.

As a cloud partner, MCS takes care of managing and setting up your DR plan. Disaster Recovery specialists actively monitor and manage the replication process. This means there are less errors, and better data integrity. Your data is critical for your success. Partner with MCS and let a professional take care of your precious data.

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Going Fast with SD-WAN

SD-WAN for Reliable Internet and Voice with Lower Costs

It’s 2018, and options for your organization’s Internet connection and voice service are plentiful. Connection speeds are getting faster while prices are going down. With more options than ever, providers are competing for your business. Smart SD-WAN firewalls are even more affordable too. These devices are power efficient, provide enterprise security, and can automatically leverage two low-cost Internet connections to give organizations high levels of reliability.

Smart Gateways with SD-WAN

Gateways, or routers, have been able to perform lots of high end security filtering and WAN connection balancing for many years now. The issue was that you also needed to pay through the nose and have a highly skilled networking staff to properly manage this functionality. Now, inexpensive security gateways like Cisco’s Meraki MX line are able to leverage the cloud to make smart decisions, or SD-WAN, to keep connections between multiple sites up even when some connections go down.

There is no longer a need to use MPLS or other high-cost carrier locked solutions. The Meraki can use SD-WAN to take two low cost connections and use them both to dramatically increase reliability. This allows you to add and remove low cost Internet connections from any provider as needed and still maintain secure connectivity to branch offices and remote workers. On top of that, these devices provide industry leading Web Filtering and Intrusion Prevention to limit your risk significantly.

Internet Options

MCS has recommended Fiber Internet for organizations in the past. Fiber give high speeds, high reliability, and a guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs). We still recommend this service for larger organizations that need an abundance of upload bandwidth as fiber connections usually come with matched upload and download speeds, but the cost is typically much higher, by at least 4 times or more. With the use of a smart gateway, organizations of any size can use a low-cost cable Internet connection along with a low-cost DSL service that can automatically fail over and load balance using both providers. This is invisible to the user and can make for a connection to the Internet that is even more reliable than fiber at a much lower cost.


Business class voice connections have come a long way since the days of a T1 based PRI. Now, it’s all about VoIP. In the early days, VoIP connections suffered from poor quality and reliability. The technology has matured now and a VoIP based voice path can be more reliable, of higher quality, and much less expensive. Using a VoIP provider for your voice lines through a carrier like NexVortex can deliver a reliable service with automatic fail-over. MCS has been using NexVortex for years for our voice service at our headquarters in Springfield, IL. The service and quality has been nothing short of excellent.

How to Switch

MCS is a reseller for most Internet and phone providers and can put together a solution that works for you. In most cases, we can increase security, reliability, and speeds while also reducing your monthly spend. There is no cost to have our team provide you with a quote. MCS has the experience to properly implement SD-WAN for any organization. We will do all of the leg work and we have saved many organizations money, month after month. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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