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Fiber Internet is Within Reach

Not that long ago, installing a fiber Internet connection was so costly that it was only reserved for large corporations and data centers. Often times, these super fast connections came at the price of expensive build-outs and high monthly fees. Fiber optic lines can support much higher bandwidth and travel a lot farther than copper. Copper lines were originally intended only to transmit analog voice communications and were later adapted for digital data. Fiber optic cable has served as the backbone for telecommunication companies for a long time and getting it the “last mile” to end users was far too expensive in years past.

Now, faced with growing bandwidth needs and an aging copper infrastructure, Internet and phone providers are investing heavily in building out their fiber networks to customer facilities. MCS has seen Comcast, AT&T, and Windstream offer free fiber build-out in exchange for just a 3 year term to most areas we serve. That, combined with cost savings of bundling phone and Internet service over the same line can mean that a brand new optical line can actually save even a small business money right from the start. Not to mention that once you have fiber, it can be upgraded to faster speeds with no additional construction.

Eventually, everyone will have fiber run to their business because it just makes more sense. It is faster, more reliable, and will last for the next few decades. MCS has partnered with all of the major providers and can engineer a fiber line solution that meets the needs of businesses from 10 to 1000s of employees. Our engineers know the needs of businesses will create estimates from multiple providers to get you the best deal and ease the transition. There is no cost from MCS for this service and you won’t pay any more per month. Contact a rep today to see the difference of Internet at the speed of light.

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